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Our COVID-19 Information Center for Wedding Photography

Like many of you out there, we have been discussing what’s happening right now with the coronavirus epidemic and what happens next. While the virus is unprecedented in our lifetime and the trauma inflicted real, raw, and so close to home, this is not the first time we’ve seen widespread disruption in our industry.
COVID-19 may well be the worst challenge we've faced in our day, but it’s not the first, and may not be the last.

Remember that you are not alone right now. Tens of thousands of weddings are celebrated in the US every weekend. If you are facing the decision to cancel or postpone your wedding, we know it is extremely emotional and we are here for you every step of the way. The Knot Studio has opened up a dedicated hotline to answer any and all wedding related questions that you may have.

We can be reached at (281)701.7939 or

How COVID-19 Pandemic Could Affect Your Wedding?

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic, tens of thousands of couples marrying this spring and their many respective vendors have scrambled to find alternative dates and solutions ahead. The CDC has issued guidance on taking preventative measures against the coronavirus, related to protecting your health and traveling. In an effort to further contain the virus, the federal government has issued a guidance limiting group gatherings, resulting in the mass postponement of events to later, safer dates leading past the fall.

If you’re currently wedding planning or you’re attending a wedding this year, you might be asking yourself questions about how the coronavirus pandemic could potentially impact nuptial-related events. Below, we’ve addressed primary concerns couples are now facing with the mounting conversations about coronavirus as they plan their weddings ahead.

What Do I Do Now About My Wedding?

If you have a planner, talk to them regularly as new information is constantly available from authorities, including the CDC, the WHO and local governments, all of which continue to monitor the spread of coronavirus. Your top priority should be the safety of you and your guests.

Couples planning weddings in the U.S. are now facing immense challenges, especially with spring events across all 50 states. Keep yourselves informed with health organizations and government mandates. It’s important to prioritize that first. In addition, governments foreign and domestic have enforced travel restrictions and bans. Entire countries are now on lockdown and the U.S. has banned travel from Europe as of March 13, 2020. Travel precautions are set in place in heavily impacted areas like New York City, New Orleans and beyond. Please follow your local government’s guidelines as they are ever-evolving.

The situation is urgent.

We at The Knot Studio are open to changes and to offer dedicated specialized customer service to our clients, no matter which phase of wedding planning you are currently in.

How Should I Approach My Vendors?

Your vendors are likely in the same state as you. Be assured that alternative solutions and options are possible, just as long as you are willing to be flexible.

The healthiest possible way to approach the situation is to calmly broach the topic with your vendors with solutions in mind.

  • Contact your venue and vendors to see when they have a backup date that works for you. Determine which deadlines need to be met before making your final decision.
  • Be extra vigilant about paperwork. Get everything in writing. Put down deposits if needed to hold backup dates that can be applied to current events or postponed events.

For couples who are directly impacted (whether they had weddings or site visits abroad), here are a set of tips for how to proceed with destination weddings.

  • Pay close attention to ongoing changes as some regions and countries are on complete lockdown.
  • Make the switch to online virtual meetings. You need to stay on top of your planning timeline.
  • Instead of completely cancelling your wedding, try postponing the date. Wedding vendors and professionals have been super flexible to match their agenda with clients’ new dates. Deciding to postpone while keeping the same vendor teams will save a lot of money and time.
  • If you have already sent invitations or save-the-dates to your guests, make sure to communicate with them clearly, explaining the situation and the changes in place. You can also send them a note card or designate someone to call the guests.

Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding?

As more couples continue to postpone weddings, the best next step is to select a date with your chosen venue, even if it’s an unexpected day of the week. Many planners have suggested couples be open to alternative dates.

  • Mondays are especially recommended as the majority of vendors will be available on that particular day of the week versus a weekend date. Plus, it’s right off the tail end of a weekend so your guests will be able to partake in welcome festivities leading up to the nuptials without having to take additional time off.
  • Considering weekdays allow for more flexibility with your chosen original vendor team, as they can help fully execute your planned wedding vision–even if the first date didn’t pan out as planned. Your guests will likely be more flexible too. Understanding the many challenges that have accompanied spring and summer 2020 weddings, most will be relieved to have something to look forward to this year regardless of the day of the week.
  • Finally, some couples are opting to marry in a small civil ceremony, just themselves, in this time of social distancing and opting for a larger celebrations down the line.

Many couples don’t want to wait to be married. They are getting wed on a whim, eloping, rushing a small ceremony but dispensing with or postponing all else. They might need a photographer for just three or four hours on a Wednesday next month, or may need someone who they can hire on short notice for a small ceremony later on in the week.

Shooting an elopement or mini wedding event is a dream. Imagine a fairly open schedule with a lot of room for artistic creativity – just the photographer, the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a few select companions.


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