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Who is The Knot Studio?

Hello. The Knot Studio is a Houston–based, an award-winning and a collective of globally minded photographers who infuse their work with a distinctly contemporary documentary approach to wedding photography. With backgrounds in fine art, photojournalism and fashion, each image-maker captures the event with a unique sensitivity to form, light and style—no matter whether the location is in Houston or any place around the world.

We love to travel and especially love traveling with couples to shoot their events. Sometimes it means flying halfway round the world, sometimes it means driving a few hours and going on a 2-hours hike for an engagement session.

We are a fun team: outspoken, avid, perfectional types each skilled in his own area who brings his own unique talents to the table that we call The Knot Studio. We really feel we have the best job in the world, getting to work with wonderful couple, meeting amazing people, capturing beautiful moments, and partying with newly-made friends.

We love what we do. We are blessed.

Why We Love What We Do?

Not only do we get to experience the amazing time people are having on their wedding day, but we get to relive it through their images all the time. We get albums printed all the time of their weddings, and go through them and relive the moments just as vividly as if we were still there.

We love story telling. We find the same parallels in wedding photography. Composition, color, and layering in the photos themselves; contrast, placement, and size in album-design are all elements of storytelling that excite us every single time we get to use them. Every wedding is a story waiting to be told, and we are honored to be given the chance to tell it.

What we find really interesting about photography, and we suppose all art really, is that it tells you more about the artist than the subject if you look carefully enough. When we look at these images, we learn more about ourselves too. We can see the rhythm of our life reflected in our work, and it’s a strange, scary, and satisfying thing.

But, the real reason we do this is because we can’t do anything else. We think about this when we wake up, and we fall asleep with the images still in our head. At some point, it’s no longer up to us. It just becomes what we were meant to do.

Our only true reward is to see the smile on our clients face and knowing that we did everything through passion with 110% of our heart. This is what keeps us going when it’s 3am and we are still working our way through several thousand photos from an event.

We can’t remember that last time we were bored.